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We have completed many jobs at Saltzman Printers. We’d be happy to complete your’s too. Contact Us today and we’ll start the process.


See below for the multitude of jobs we’ve done.

Chicago Bulls Game Day Handouts

One of our customers is The Chicago Bulls Sports team. These tickets have a scratch off coupon and lottery numbers.

Uno and TV Magic Card Games

Have been manufacturing card games for over 50 years. We were the first producer of UNO and took them to 1,000,000 games made in year. Produced 1,100,000 TV Magic cards in 5 months. We can handle ANY demand! Contact us today to get started.

Playing Cards

No deck to large, small, or special size.  We can print any quantity. Click here to order online and we will start right away.

Playing Cards

Order your custom deck:
Perfect gift for your invited guests to take home as a remembrance of your wedding, birthday party or ANY occasion. Ciick here to order online and we will start right away.

Card Games

Card games of all shapes and sizes. No quantity to large or small Contact us today to get started.

The AND Card Game

Producing the most popular games… our specialty. Contact us today to get started.

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